About Mythstone

Mythstone is a passion project that I've started to help me improve my art skills. Maybe one day I'll be able to make this into something bigger. Just not yet.

What type of project is this?

Mythstone is sort of a "brand name" I'll be using on some of my more experimental art and animation work. It's not really a singular project - the main reason for having a separate name instead of just publishing everything under my own name is because semi-anonymity just makes sharing creative ideas online a bit less scary.

So... is this the start of an art/animation studio?

Maybe, maybe not (and probably not in the near future). I might get some friends involved on this project too but I'm definitely not a professional when it comes to animation. I'm doing this for fun - and maybe (just maybe) one day it can grow into something bigger.

What's the point of this website then?

This website is honestly just wishful thinking. I do want Mythstone to become an actual studio at some point and I wanted to set up a website already to establish the fact that I might fully commit to this project. One of my biggest dreams is to do indie art and storytelling professionally. A bit of optimism might help with that. Or not.